Sesame Oil

Sesame oil, made from sesame seeds, is highly valued for both its delicious nutty taste and its many uses in cooking and health. Known for its strong antioxidants, this oil is not just great for cooking, but also plays a key role in overall wellness. Its ability to withstand high heat makes it ideal for different cooking styles, and its rich nutrients help nourish the body. Whether enhancing flavors or enhancing skin care routines, sesame oil showcases the perfect blend of food and well-being.

– 50 Litre
– 200 Litre
– 1000 Litre
– 30 Ton Tanker


Nutritional Benefits: Sesame oil is delicious and packed with essential nutrients. It’s rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin and fights off oxidative damage. Plus, it’s full of good fats like omega-6 fatty acids to support overall health.

Natural Preservative: Sesame oil has natural preservatives like sesamol and sesaminol that make it last longer and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Because of this, it is commonly used in homemade skincare products and natural remedies.

Hair and Scalp Health: Keeping your hair and scalp healthy is important, and sesame oil is a popular choice for nourishing and moisturizing. It can strengthen your hair, prevent split ends, and relieve a dry, itchy scalp. Massaging sesame oil into your scalp can even improve blood flow, leading to healthier hair growth.

Skin Moisturization: Sesame oil is packed with emollients and antioxidants, making it a common choice for skincare items. It effectively retains moisture, keeping your skin supple, silky, and well-hydrated. Sesame oil is gentle enough for every skin type and can relieve dryness, redness, and swelling.

Massage Therapy:  sesame oil has been a popular choice in traditional massage treatments due to its ability to warm and comfort the body. Its silky texture and gentle scent make it a perfect base oil for mixing with essential oils to help you relax and alleviate stress.

Oil Pulling: According to Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling is a practice that involves swishing sesame oil around in your mouth in order to improve oral health. It is thought that this traditional method helps to eliminate toxins, decrease plaque formation, and enhance breath freshness. Adding sesame oil pulling to your daily regimen could potentially lead to improved dental and gum health.


  1. Grade:  100 % Pure & Natural
  2. Method Of Extraction:
  3. Raw Material
  4. Shelf Life:
  5. Packaging Details (Packaging Type and Packaging Sizes)
  6. Country of Origin : India
  7. Certificates :
    1) Organic
    2) GMP
    4) Halal
  8. Delivery Time : 7 Days
  9. INCI Name : Cocos Nucifera
  10. CAS Name: Cocos Nucifera

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