Coconut Cake

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Deoiled coconut cake is the remaining product once the coconut oil has been extracted from copra. It contains high levels of protein and fiber, making it a beneficial feed for animals such as cows, chickens, and pigs. Its low fat content also promotes good health in these animals. The cake is produced by removing a majority of the oil, leaving behind a nutritious component of the coconut that farmers can utilize to nourish their livestock. This practice enhances efficiency within the coconut industry while reducing waste.



Lots of Protein: De-oiled coconut cake contains a high protein content, approximately 20-25% of its weight. Protein is essential for animals to develop and maintain strength, making this ingredient beneficial for their nutrition.
Helps Digestion: It’s packed with fiber, which is like a broom for animal tummies. Fiber helps keep their digestion running smoothly and keeps their bellies happy.
Not Much Fat: There is not a significant amount of fat in this product because it has been processed to remove most of the oil. This can benefit animals that require a low-fat diet.
Loaded with Nutrients: In addition to protein and fiber, this food contains a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Just as humans require vitamins for good health, animals also need them to thrive!
Animal Food: Farmers mix de-oiled coconut cake into the food.


  1. Grade:  100 % Pure & Natural
  2. Method Of Extraction:
  3. Raw Material
  4. Shelf Life:
  5. Packaging Details (Packaging Type and Packaging Sizes)
  6. Country of Origin : India
  7. Certificates :
    1) Organic
    2) GMP
    4) Halal
  8. Delivery Time : 7 Days
  9. INCI Name : Cocos Nucifera
  10. CAS Name: Cocos Nucifera

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