Coconut Flakes

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Coconut flakes are thin slices or shreds of dried coconut meat, which are frequently used as a topping or ingredient in many different recipes. They are created by slicing or grating fresh coconut flesh and then drying it using either the sun or dehydration methods. Coconut flakes provide a sweet, nutty taste and a crispy texture to dishes. They are commonly used as a decoration for sweets like cakes, pies, and ice cream, as well as in granolas, trail mixes, and baked treats such as cookies and muffins.

– 50 Litre
– 200 Litre
– 1000 Litre
– 30 Ton Tanker


Texture: Coconut flakes feel rough and stringy, adding a delightful crunch and chewiness to different recipes.

Flavor: The flavor of these coconut flakes is unique, combining sweet and nutty notes with a touch of natural coconut sweetness that enhances the taste of sweet and savory dishes alike

Versatility: Coconut flakes are very versatile and can be used in many different ways in cooking. They are frequently found in baked goods, desserts, granola, trail mixes, curries, salads, and savory dishes.

Shelf Life: The shelf life of coconut flakes is quite long if kept in a cool, dry place, which makes them a handy pantry item

Nutritional Benefits: Coconut flakes are packed with good fats, fiber, protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, such as manganese.


  1. Grade:  100 % Pure & Natural
  2. Method Of Extraction:
  3. Raw Material
  4. Shelf Life:
  5. Packaging Details (Packaging Type and Packaging Sizes)
  6. Country of Origin : India
  7. Certificates :
    1) Organic
    2) GMP
    4) Halal
  8. Delivery Time : 7 Days
  9. INCI Name : Cocos Nucifera
  10. CAS Name: Cocos Nucifera

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