Industrial Coconut Oil

Industrial coconut oil refers to coconut oil used for non-food purposes, primarily in industrial applications. It is derived from copra, the dried kernel of mature coconuts. This type of coconut oil is high in Iodine Value which makes it non edible. Industrial coconut oil finds applications in various sectors:

Grade Industrial
Other Names Industrial Coconut Oil, Crude Coconut Oil,Coconut Oil,Cosmetic Grade Coconut Oil 
Usage and Application Hair Care, Skin Care, Edible, Weight Loss, Immunity Booster, Mouth Pulling, Hair Oil, Make-up Removal, Vegan Oil
Industrial Usage Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Vegan, Edible, Herbal, Soap, Veterinarian, Pet Care Products

– 50 Litre
– 200 Litre
– 1000 Litre
– 30 Ton Tanker

  1. Soap and Detergent Industry: It is a key ingredient in soap manufacturing due to its cleansing properties and ability to produce a rich lather.
  2. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Commonly used in cosmetics, lotions, creams, and hair care products due to its moisturizing and emollient properties.
  3. Biofuel Production: Industrial coconut oil can be converted into biodiesel, serving as a renewable energy source.
  4. Pharmaceuticals:   Utilized in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of medicinal creams, ointments, and as a carrier oil for certain medications.
  5. Industrial Lubricants: Used as a base oil for industrial lubricants and cutting fluids due to its stability under high temperatures.
  6. Candles: In the production of candles, especially in the creation of specialty and aromatic candles.
  7. Textile Industry: Applied in the processing of textiles to soften and condition fibers.
  8. Leather Industry: Utilized in the leather industry for softening and conditioning leather products.


  1. Grade: Industrial Crude
  2. Method Of Extraction: Expeller
  3. Raw Material: Dry Coconut
  4. Shelf Life: 12 Months
  5. Packaging Details (Packaging Type and Packaging Sizes)
    1) 54 LTR Jerry Can
    2) 200 LTR Barrel 
    3) 25 MT Tankar 
  6. Country of Origin : India
  7. Certificates :
    1) GMP
    3) Halal
  8. Delivery Time : 7 Days
  9. INCI Name : Cocos Nucifera
  10. CAS Name: Cocos Nucifera

Lab Analysis Report

Industrial Coconut Oil COA
Tests Specification Observed Comments/Remarks
Odor Bland Bland
Color (1” Cell in 5YBR) 2 Unit Max Below 1 Unit
Saponification Value Min 250 257
Moisture 0.1 Max 0.05 Higher moisture reduces shelf life due to early rancidity of oil
Acid Value 0.5 Max 0.1 Higher acid value denotes rancidity in oil
Iodine Value 4-10 8 Non Edible above 10 Iodin Value
Peroxide Value Max 1 Meq 0.2 Meq Higher the Peroxide value higher the rancidity
Refractive Index (At 40 C) 1.4481 – 1.4491 1.4489 Out of range reflective index means adulteration in oil
Test For Other Oils Negative Negative
Test For Rancidity Negative Negative

Certificate of analysis Download

1. COA Link
2. MSDS Link

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